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Our expertise covers a number of operational areas, from uncovering hidden data and cost savings in your telecoms to monitoring and securing embedded devices and CPE. To explore further, click one of the area categories on the right.

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About Data Track

We are a company that operates with clients globally and has more than 35 years of experience in the networking and communications arena; where multi-vendor embedded devices/systems, or other appliances, form the backbone of telecommunications, commercial and industrial networks.

Our experience and skills can help when your business objectives require integration between these systems, secure ways to connect with and administrate them, protect them against fraud and other event alarm reporting and automated problem resolution. When making financial or service-affecting decisions, visibility of the activity or usage of the embedded devices or telecoms systems that make up your network is crucial to making informed choices for your business.

Data Track will deliver the information you need to help protect, adapt and grow your business. We do this by combining the best of our off-the-shelf products, in-house custom development, cloud services and our considerable experience. Read more

Why Work with Data Track


Why Work with Data Track

  • More than 35 years of experience in networking and communications.
  • Control expenditure by identifying areas of significant cost reduction.
  • Protect your business reputation by monitoring and securing network assets.
  • Improve customer experience by offering more pro-active and responsive SLA agreements.
  • Full in-house development and manufacturing capabilities.
  • Customised solutions that meet specific customer requirements.
  • Make informed decisions by uncovering the hidden data within your organisation.


This article explains the benefits of clustering PBXs together, the problem that this creates for a call logger and how Data Track's Eclipse CMS call logger can overcome this problem.

We can help your organisation to centralise the authentication, authorisation and auditing of managed devices. This article describes how we can help you to achieve this.

Customer Support

Customer Support

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Data Track never cease to amaze me with their patience, understanding, and actual ability to care!

Service Delivery Management,

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