Solutions to your business challenges part 1 – SuperDirectory

People want businesses and organisations to build relationships with them and deliver value at each touchpoint. When this doesn’t happened it can have a massive effect on the brand resulting in lower satisfaction levels and decreased loyalty.

Usually when someone interacts with your brand, there are are two areas that need addressing from a business point of view.

1. They have a problem which needs solving and are expecting it to be resolved
2. The effort they must go through to get a resolution of that problem

datatrack’s solution

datatrack has a software solution that will improve the customer experience along their journey that will reduce customer effort and pain points and will lead to an increase in public perception of their brand

SuperDirectory provides organisations with a solution to improve day-to-day interactions with the public by handling calls through their switchboards efficiently ensuring

  • “Right first time, every time” call placements.
  • a reduction in the volume of calls across the switchboard.
  • a reduction on the demands of staff workload.

If you want to reduce the effort your customers go through when interacting with your organisation and increase your customer’s perception of your brand, datatrack’s SuperDirectory solution delivers

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