Increase sales conversion

Speech to Text insight with real-time agent guidance

Use Case

Common Challenges

We have been asked to solve the following sales challenges

Low levels of sales

Missed opportunities for cross sell/upsell

Low levels of customer retention

Losing market share

Customer dissatisfaction

Use Case

Our Solutions

Link contact centre activity to marketing communication and promotions

Understand journeys & personalise interventions and recommendations

Trigger agent support from real time speech

Link successful outcomes to fine tune next best actions

Gamify agent performance intraday

Use Case


Increase Conversion On All Calls​

Improve CSat And Customer Advocacy​

Understand effectiveness of recommendations

Decrease customer churn

Increase agent engagement

Empowering Agents
transforming contact centres

Our contact centre solution improves the performance and well being of the agent, substantially enhancing productivity and customer experience.

You will see an immediate 7-12% AHT reduction, with further substantial productivity gains over time

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ROI in year 1
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AHT Reduction

The ultimate contact centre solution


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