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See a quick return on investment through cost savings, improved operational efficiencies and better customer service

Business benefits of CMS4

Our Call Management System (CMS4) provides organisations with the ability to take control of their telephony costs with detailed analytics on performance

Powerful Features

Getting the best out of your investment

You can use CMS4 to measure the traffic at each gateway or trunk group and produce grade of service reports that will clearly show you if your capacity matches your demand. This information can be used to ensure that your system is running efficiently to meet current demand and forecast future requirements.

CMS4 identifies KPI within your business and helps you to ensure that you are proving excellent customer service to your customers and partners.  Will improve your brand image and increase brand loyalty.

CMS4 enables businesses to accurately validate service providers phone bills. Apply your own tariff to provide a highly accurate phone bill enabling phone usage to be accounted for down to extension level, enabling cost allocation to individual employees, teams or departments.

Allocate fixed costs and apply your own margins for cross charging within your business

Today, the value lost as a result of toll fraud exceeds that of credit card fraud globally. CMS4 provides real-time tools to protect businesses by monitoring and providing the necessary alerts to the organisation.

CMS4 produces VoIP statistical reporting that includes latency, jitter, packet loss and MOS. This information correlates QoS measurements over time periods that can be mapped against traffic carried, thereby helping to ensure that your network is providing the quality that your users need.

Regular reporting

Whether you have a small system or a large clustered worldwide network, CMS4 will provide you with the information you need and in the format you require


What our clients are saying

Datatrack has been a long-time provider of Call Management, Alarm Management and Remote Access solutions. The reason why Datatrack has remained one of our longest standing supplier partners is due to their focus and attention to detail, pinpoint accuracy in their data analysis and commitment to reliable, timely delivery.

Their service is critical and integral to our business processes and enables CenturyLink to generate valuable customer invoices and manage Toll Fraud on a global scale, most accurately. The team at Datatrack have always provided great customer service as well as are a pleasure to work with.
CenturyLink datatrack customer
Andy Venables
Procurement Director, CenturyLink
Our Eclipse CMS software is crucial to the business as it helps us understand and manage important service levels to our customers.

We have automated reports delivered by email based on 15 minute intervals that mean we can actively manage switchboard efficiency, call volumes, response times and call routing.”​
NHS datatrack customer
Derek Adie
NHS, Grampian
BT has been a customer of Datatrack's for over 25 years and have used the hosted Call Management System for various end customers. We have found their hosted Call Management software robust, secure (as co-located in our BT NOC) and cost efficient. It has proved vital to the various FTSE 200 firms that have been supported by us and found we could grow relationships and revenues with the end customer as a result.

We have had a fantastic relationship with Datatrack and have addressed all of our requirements most timely – a great vendor to work with.
BT datatrack customer
Business Director, BT Global


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