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"I reduced average handling time by 10-12% after 2 months"

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Datatrack uses the combination of technical innovation and years of operational customer service experience to help you focus on solving the customer service challenges that matter most to you

Our Solution

A real-time customer journey platform automating change throughout and placing agents at the heart of the process to engage and empower them with what they need

Part of the QPC Family

40 years of contact centre innovation

QPC has been at the forefront of contact centre technology for almost 40 years offering both technology solutions and education/consultancy services to the global contact centre industry

From voice to customer journey automation to emerging, multi and omni-channel technologies, QPC has been a leading voice in the challenges facing customer experience practitioners and continue to create pioneering solutions


We make customer journeys effortless.

Our unique real-time customer journey data brings clarity to the moments that matter. It helps agents understand every facet of a customer’s multi-channel journey, in real-time. It removes the effort for both the customer and agent, transforming the customers’ experience as it happens.


Placing agents at the heart of the experience.

By enhancing the agents performance you will automatically reduce costs and improve customer experience.

We give them the data, insight & tools to deliver not only a more powerful customer experience, but to help agents improve their own performance and allowing coaching be to be more targeted.


Transforming contact centres​

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