Tracker 2900

Collect and buffer data; monitor, filter and escalate alarms; with secure remote access capability for managing remote devices

Tracker has now gone virtual

Trusted by governments, blue chip companies and service providers worldwide

What does it do?
Tracker 2900 is a secure and intelligent remote infrastructure management tool that collects data and delivers it to a centralised NOC

The Tracker 2900 is a reliable and dependable platform that delivers in-band and out-of-band connectivity for remote site management. It provides local management to a range of different network infrastructure devices, including:

How can it help?
Datatrack's remote Remote Infrastructure Management solution is designed to meet your needs and business requirements

Trusted by governments, Tracker 2900 captures, manages and delivers critical system data in a trouble free and convenient way. Securely access equipment at remote sites at all times, even during power failures or for power cycles




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