Lower the cost of service

Looking for ways to improve efficiencies and reduce costs is always a big priority for contact centres

Use Case

Common Challenges

When attempting to lower the cost of service, we have been asked to solve the following challenges

High components of AHT

Unknown unproductive behaviour​

High levels of repeat calls & call demand​

Inefficient contact routing

Poor customer journeys​

Use Case

Our Solutions

Notifications in real time prompt agents based on CTI & 3rd party events to change all aspects of behaviour

Automation prefills applications and summarises call notes for pasting to CRM

Identification of inefficiency & unproductive time

Understand journeys & reasons for repeat calls

Use Case


Reduce AHT by 5-10% out of the box

Improve efficiency and productivity by a further 10%

Minimise customer effort and increase NPS

Reduce customer churn and agent attrition

Empowering Agents
transforming contact centres

Our contact centre solution improves the performance and well being of the agent, substantially enhancing productivity and customer experience.

You will see an immediate 7-12% AHT reduction, with further substantial productivity gains over time

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ROI in year 1
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AHT Reduction

The ultimate contact centre solution


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