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Empowering Agents,
Transforming Contact Centres

Eliminate at least 80 seconds of unproductive activity in every 500 seconds of your contact centre time


Tracxion overview

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The power of better data to automate and improve interactions between the customer and agent

Efficiency gain
Immediate 5-7% efficiency gain
Improved CSat & NPS
on 100% of contact data
Contact reduction
Up to 40%
Reduced attrition
Increased agent satisfaction
Return on Investment
150% in year 1

Who is Tracxion made for?

Designed to help organisations to optimise their contact centre performance

For Agents

Driving agent performance in the moments that matter

Tracxion for Agents

Focus on improving agent performance and well being in real-time

Reduces AHT due to better contextual servicing of customers
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Operational Management

Real-time visibility and control of performance (including home agents)

Tracxion for Operational Management

More insightful, relevant and accessible operational data
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For Business

Calculates and displays a Customer Effort Score (CES) for 100% of interactions

Tracxion for Business

Combines unrelated data feeds across all channels​

Drives personalised contact routing​ Simplifies integration and reporting​
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Tap into the ‘voice of the agent’ in real-time to provide them the right customer data in the moments that matter and see vastly improved Customer Effort Score (CES) and reduced agent attrition rates

  • Focus on improving agent performance and well being in real time

  • Drive agent behaviour with state and content-based notifications that can ‘nudge’, capture or inform

  • Reduced AHT due to better contextual servicing of customers

  • Smart Cold Transfer© removes unproductive duplication further reducing customer and agent effort and increasing productivity 

"Immediate 5-7% efficiency gain ‘out of the box’ more than pays for deploying the solution"

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Tracxion delivers deep historical analysis offering richer, augmented data and common data structure across multiple sources

  • Captures and combines data from multiple sources to provide richer, more granular data for analysis

  • Source of intelligence to drive automated interventions in Tracxion Live, supported by success management team

  • Standard out of the box reports identify inefficiency and unproductive activity 

  • End to end customer journey analysis including Customer Effort Score (CES*) and Operational Performance Index

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“The only solution that gave us all the customer journey data across the entire contact ecosystem in a standardised normalised format that was reliable to use to improve our operations"

European BPO

NPS and CSat

CES tells you in REAL-TIME what your NPS is going to be on 100% of contact

Return on Investment

Return on Investment is measured "in days"

Easy to deploy

Cloud-ready, quick to implement and configure

Efficiency gain

Immediate 5-7% efficiency gain "out of the box"

Reduced Attrition

Increased agent satisfaction

Reduced Churn

Increased customer experience drives LTV and increased advocacy

“The possibilities are endless. It’s the simple truth. It’s the solution to bridge the disconnect between what our customers want and what we could deliver. It diagnoses, then informs and powers the cure.”

European BPO
Agent Performance
Focussed on driving agent performance in the moment
Proven, sustainable productivity improvements
Technology agnostic
We unlock value from any infrastructure

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