Improving the customer journey and experience

Extraordinarily competitive commercial landscape, customer journey the next battle you have to win

Use Case

Common Problems

When attempting to improve the customer journey and experience, we have been asked to solve the following challenges

High customer effort

Cross channel contamination

High levels of customer churn

Impersonal routing and product recommendations

No journey management

Use Case

Our Solutions

Predictive CES* links operational initiatives to NPS/CSAT

Immediate post call SMS surveys

Trigger agent support from real time speech

Intraday CSAT reporting to agents & team leaders

Understand journeys & personalise interventions or recommendations

Use Case


Minimise customer effort & reduce churn

Increase customer satisfaction & advocacy

Improve call resolution and reduce repeat calls

Reduce agent attrition

Increase cross sell & upsell values

Empowering Agents
transforming contact centres

Our contact centre solution improves the performance and well being of the agent, substantially enhancing productivity and customer experience.

You will see an immediate 7-12% AHT reduction, with further substantial productivity gains over time

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ROI in year 1
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AHT Reduction

The ultimate contact centre solution


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