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Datatrack's coronavirus Statment

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10th March 2020

Data Track Technology Limited recognises that the ongoing development of the COVID-19 outbreak requires contingency planning to ensure that the operational functionality of the company can continue and that we can deal with urgent technical issues that affect your service or your system’s availability and security, while limiting any exposure to our customers.
Datatrack’s support structure is able to deal with most COVID-19 scenarios:

1. Technical support is provided remotely. Datatrack personnel do not have to travel to customer sites to deal with urgent technical issues therefore travel restrictions will not affect our ability to provide urgent technical assistance.
2. All Datatrack staff have the ability and facilities to work remotely. That will allow us to continue to provide service in the event of a local quarantine, or if a COVID-19 infection is discovered among our head office staff.
3. Our internal office systems can be remotely managed, allowing continued operation in the event of a quarantine.
4. Physical deliveries will be restricted should Datatrack staff need to ‘self-isolate’.
5. Site visits will also be restricted should Datatrack staff need to ‘self-isolate’.

While no one can be certain what the future development of COVID-19 will be, Datatrack’s structure, support process, technical facilities and contingency plans will help ensure that we will be able to provide uninterrupted support to our customers.

If you have, any concerns or questions about the support services that Data Track Technology Limited is able to provide during this period please contact:

John Swain – Sales & Marketing Director
Mobile 07790 015154

David Gathercole – Head of Development
Mobile 07990 015178

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