Multi channel

Managing contact across multiple channels or platforms


Today’s contact centres are often grappling with multiple channels and platforms.  The rush to digital adoption driven by working from home and the need to manage contact more effectively and efficiently has often lead to new channels being ‘bolted on’ to existing technology.

Incorporating these channels into a contact centre and integrating with third party applications, such as workforce management, can often be resource intensive.


Tracxion connects to all contact platforms and collects all event data in real time to provide the most granular, comprehensive view of all your contact activity, irrespective of channel, platform or location.  Tracxion processes these events to produce a standardised data structure that represents all your contact data in a single dataset.

This dataset can be integrated with third party applications or used by Tracxion to provide real time agent guidance, dynamic dashboards and comprehensive analytics.


Using Tracxion as an integration layer enables a comprehensive single view of all of your contact channel data – in one place.  Easy single integrations for down stream applications provides increased flexibility for future operation.


Integrating all your contact channels into Tracxion protects your operation from the disruption of future change and provides a single data set for analysis and reporting.

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