Agent Performance

Competition for good agents is hotting up – how do you get the best out of those you have whilst keeping them engaged?


In this post Covid world, how do you help your agents perform to the best that they can and then make sure that they stay with you, reducing your attrition and associated recruitment, induction and training costs?



Despite the relentless focus on self service, digital channels and automation, the largest proportion of customer contact is still in the voice channel and still ends up with a customer talking to an agent. As other channels start to deflect easier contact, agent conversations will become more complex, needing greater involvement and expertise.

As well as providing real time performance information to allow the agent to become more self managing and autonomous, Tracxion Live also supports the agent in the moment of contact, when they need fast access to context and information.


Helping agents do their job better is a starting point – understanding how to build motivation and engagement into their daily routine is a game changer.

Providing quick ,easy access to real time, gamified performance statistics based on individualised targets and KPIs drives self management and autonomy, particularly in a virtual/home working environment.

Notifications at call arrival provide a complete context to the conversation along with recommendations for individual customers that recognise who they are and the journey that they are on. The agent can then concentrate on delivering efficient, effective conversations that provide an enhanced customer experience.


Agent performance is at the heart of driving contact centre performance improvement.  Using technology and automated behaviour change tools to support and drive agent engagement and therefore motivation delivers productivity, efficiency and effectiveness. 

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