Disconnected Customer Journey

Visualising the complete end to end customer journey in order to properly understand how to manage contact


Understanding complete end to end customer journeys and how your customers behave, how they react to messages, how they browse your website and use your app has historically been challenging.

Disparate contact platforms, unconnected and unrelated data sources and cross channel customer identification are all issues that can make this difficult.


Tracxion Decide connects all your datasets to build end to end customer journeys.  Building on the real time Tracxion contact centre event adapters, Decide provides a complete picture of customer behaviour before and after they contact you.

Combining contact centre data with web activity, social media listening, app usage, marketing communications and legacy transactional databases provides a comprehensive view of customer activity and how it can be improved


Understanding your customers’ journeys allows you to improve them to drive  better outcomes for you and your customers.  Use journey analytics to determine the paths your customers are on and orchestrate better experiences in real time.  Better experiences reduce contact, increase satisfaction, improve acquisition and retention and ultimately drive higher customer lifetime value. 


Disconnected journeys are hugely inefficient for the customer as well as the organisation, driving repeat contact, longer handle times and customer frustration.  Connecting interactions to enable a view of the end to end overall journey powers enhanced analytics and associated interventions to drive performance improvement.

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