Optimising Digital Channels

New channels adding to contact volumes rather than deflecting them?


Adding digital channels without understanding how they link to other activity can lead to more contact, not less, and higher levels of customer effort and frustration.  Not the outcome you were sold….


To understand how to architect your customer contact channel strategy to best effect, you have to have a complete understanding of customer behaviour – what is triggering contact, what other ways are customers addressing their issues and where are your processes falling down.

Tracxion Decide provides visualisation of complete end to end customer journeys and puts your contact demand into  context.


Understand how your customers behave across the whole of your customer contact landscape, irrespective of channels, platforms or technologies.  See which journeys drive the best outcomes and orchestrate interventions and decisioning to guide more customers on the same journey.

Having a framework for managing customer journeys allows you to introduce new platforms and channels in a controlled way, seeing how they interact with existing applications and whether they help or hinder the operation and the customer.


Digital channels are perceived as more cost effective than voice; robotic/automated ones even more so, so improving their uptake and performance will ultimately reduce cost, as long as overall contact volumes stay roughly at the same level.

Other factors such as first contact resolution are also part of the mix which is why understanding their impact and performance is paramount.

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